Extruder Head Upgrade – Second attempt

Today I am going to upgrade my extruder head… again. My last attempt looked great, but was a prime example of why you should research a little more before you print a bunch of parts. So, now I am planning to install the original extruder head upgrade that I had chosen, before I talked myself into trying the one that didn’t work. Continue reading Extruder Head Upgrade – Second attempt

X-Gantry Upgrade

I have decided that my first goal is to replace my X-Gantry using the gantry I found on thingiverse. The X-Gantry I have chosen is from Proto-Plastik and is part of his A5-1Z upgrade to the TwoUp 3D printer. This X-Gantry seems to most closely match my goals for a replacement part, and supports an Anti-Sag truss to help fix the sag due to the long moment-arm of the current gantry. Continue reading X-Gantry Upgrade

Bridging to nowhere

After last night’s efforts I had a pretty good cube, on five of six sides. Unfortunately, the top looks terrible, honestly more like a net than a side. Bridging is the act of printing over an open space without support structures, and there are custom settings for it in slic3r. I decided to focus on bridging next. Continue reading Bridging to nowhere

3D printing. First experience? Almost…

Over twenty years ago I had my first experience with CNC and g-code. I wrote a program for a steel company to merge simple 2D g-code files, used to control plasma cutters, to optimize usage of steel plate with minimum waste. I have watched for the last few years as 3D printing finally became available to the masses. Continue reading 3D printing. First experience? Almost…