X-Gantry Upgrade

I have decided that my first goal is to replace my X-Gantry using the gantry I found on thingiverse. The X-Gantry I have chosen is from Proto-Plastik and is part of his A5-1Z upgrade to the TwoUp 3D printer. This X-Gantry seems to most closely match my goals for a replacement part, and supports an Anti-Sag truss to help fix the sag due to the long moment-arm of the current gantry. Continue reading X-Gantry Upgrade

Bridging to nowhere

After last night’s efforts I had a pretty good cube, on five of six sides. Unfortunately, the top looks terrible, honestly more like a net than a side. Bridging is the act of printing over an open space without support structures, and there are custom settings for it in slic3r. I decided to focus on bridging next. Continue reading Bridging to nowhere

Calibrating and Leveling My 3D Printer

Feeling a little disappointed with myself for giving in to sleep last night, when I got home from work I started once again. First, of course, I visited my local grocery store and grabbed a tube of super glue so I could attach that darned belt to the extruder assembly. After allowing about 30 minutes to cure I tested the X, Y and Z motion and everything checked out well. Time to start calibrating and leveling the printer. Continue reading Calibrating and Leveling My 3D Printer

3D printing. First experience? Almost…

Over twenty years ago I had my first experience with CNC and g-code. I wrote a program for a steel company to merge simple 2D g-code files, used to control plasma cutters, to optimize usage of steel plate with minimum waste. I have watched for the last few years as 3D printing finally became available to the masses. Continue reading 3D printing. First experience? Almost…